Noorderpoort asked us to created a brand for the hospitality pact 
between entrepreneurs, government and educators. After a few 
intensive sessions and interviews we created the brand
Generation Hospitality: we exceed expectations

With the following statement: 

A pact of entrepreneurs, government and educators with one goal: 
to experience the power of hospitality. How? By training and passing 
on the new generation of hospitality professionals. But also by 
making trainers, employers, employees, customers, guests, students 
and lateral entrants aware of their value and role in this. Through 
training and awareness, we create a grip on the quality of the 
hospitality profession and we influence the experience of hospitality. 
Together we do everything we can to exceed expectations. 
We are proud to start a new era together: WELCOME GENERATION HOSPITALITY

The next things on the agenda are developing campaigns and events to support
hospitality in all kind of different ways.