The Grote Markt will look very different in the coming years.
From the end of 2021, the buses will disappear from the Grote Markt,
creating space to give the square a new interpretation, aimed at everyone,
young and old. The Grote Markt stayed quite the same the past 1.000 years
and doesn’t fit anymore in the growing city of Groningen. It’s time to
redesign the heart of the city center. Where there is more space
for pedestrians and where it is pleasant to stay.

Before these changes will take part the Gemeente Groningen asked us to
create a experiment on the Grote Markt. They asked us to put trees, new pop-up
buildings, different ways to ride your bike, temporary cancel busstops and create places to
relax on The Grote Markt. For a week we created a ‘proeftuin’ Grote Markt. The results
where very satisfying. People liked a more calm and relaxed Grote Markt. They liked the
trees and made them think about the experiments!

This project is part of ‘Ruimte voor Jou’. A communication brand we created with
Gemeente Groningen five years ago. And still going strong.