Martiniplaza is a place to have fun, meet people and the greatest events! But during covid-19 it is not possible anymore.
They asked us to create a campaign that keeps Martinplaza top of mind and share a positive message.
So we created the campaign “don’t forget to shine!”. During the lockdown it is still possible to have fun or
shine like you did at the Martiniplaza. Only now you have to do it at home, in your bedroom, garden or toilet.
So don’t let covid-19 bring you down, but have fun, shine and think about each other. We created posters,
socials, signs, videos to encourage people to shine.

Martiniplaza also installed big beamers on their roof so the city of Groningen is also shining!
During these days Martiniplaza gave Groningen his own shine with a beacon of light for everyone!