The island Borkum has the most beautiful beach of Germany! Studio Plakband was challenged to get as many Groningers as possible to hear of Borkum, so they could visit the island and the beach. For not so long, the island is very easily reachable by the train from Groningen to Eemshaven. The train drops you at the boat to Borkum. In a short period of time we developed a summer campaign titled: Vamos a la Borkum, the abroad-feeling closer than you think.

This title gave us all possibilities to create great content. For example, we created a summer jam, radio-jingles and made special images like graffiti to make Vamos A La Borkum famous in the target group. The result? Crowded boats heading to Borkum. We even got complaints about this. Secretly, a compliment to our work.