The University Medical Centre Groningen (UMCG) approached Studio Plakband to develop an umbrella branding for all internal fundings of the UMCG. Very challenging, because the UMCG consists of about 10 diverse fundings. Fundings that all hold a different view towards raising fundings. Studio Plakband accepted the challenge and interviewed 15 different teams of stakeholders to penetrate through the core of the branding. A branding that should fit all fundings, staff and stakeholders. The eventual core of the branding became: ‘’Invest in life’’. A slogan that all parties can relate to.

The following proposition was developed:

What is more meaningful, hopeful and offers more perspectives than life? Nothing. By supporting essential research and by putting the well-being of the human centrally, UMCG funding invests in live. Money, knowledge and ambassadors are needed. Life deserves the best care. That is why we ask you: invest in yourself, invest in others, invest in life!