We are getting further and further apart in these times. We are now really starting to appreciate being
close together; close to your friends, your family and your colleagues at work. But also a visit to
that beautiful museum, that fantastic show or that fun festival. Saying “see you later” is no longer self-evident.
Let’s hope we can say this again soon.

VNO/NCW asked Studio Plakband to develop an campaign  for the Lelylijn. A campaign that that shows that the Lelylijn makes
you say  ‘see you later’ much easier in the future. Because the fast train connection ensures that you can be in
Amsterdam from Groningen in an hour, for example, to meet your friends again or admire De Nachtwacht in real life.
So we developed a website, created a guerrilla event and talked to a lot of pro-Lelylijn people from students to Mayors of different cities.
For the guerrilla event we created a lifesized Nachtwacht painting that lit up during the night! We placed it in different cities
and it gave a spactaculiar view!