The concerthuis is for the real bonvivants. You’ll find ultimate relaxing in a laid back environment. The constant factor is foodsharing. During the whole day you can enjoy different dishes, no rules! Enjoy a coffee from our home roasted coffee beans or choose one of the carefully tasted beers. These come from all over the world, but mostly from breweries from the netherlands. We have good wines, special lemonades, homemade ice tea and the soft drinks are just a bit more special. And do not forget: everything is ok in the Concerthuis!

We thought about the identity, pre-campaign and post-campaign. We used the identity as a base of all the means. Hip, cheeky and cool are the most important integrated core values. During the first round of promotion the Groningers were leaded towards the location in the poelestraat. Here one came eye to eye with an enormous cow viewing box! By peaking through the behind of the cow we slowly gave more and more away of the identity of the Concerthuis and what one could expect. Cow viewing box Evert went viral on social media. The interior, appearance and the menu was based on the identity.

After the opening the tone was set and because the interior, the appearance and the menu of the concerthuis fitted well to the identity the target group almost immediately found their way to the terras. The new concept was embraced and not let go until now.

The Concerthuis is one of the best visited restaurants of Groningen and keeps renewing itself constantly. It does this by the attractive menu card and the offer of special drinks.