Not just a student city full of talent; Groningen is also ahead in the areas research, innovation and entrepreneurship. So, a real ‘’City of Talent’’! Every year City of talent opens an online exposition for talent from Groningen. Besides the exposition it is also an online competition. The Groninger talent with the most votes, wins a price. In the edition on 2015 the online exposition came with an awareness campaign with the goal that every Groninger is aware of living and working in the ‘City of Talent’. Next to this the campaign inspires unique initiatives, interesting research and incredible arts.

This is why we designed the ‘’Talent-is-you’’ mirror poster. the travelling-exposition-kubusses, a large online campaign and the first price of the online exposition; a showcase for a week in the Groninger Museum.

There were 10.000 votes, the website was visited 30.000 times and on social media we reached 300.000 people!